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Postnatal depression

Evidence Based Reports

Antidepressant Treatment of Depression During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period (2014)[HTA] NEW

Antidepressant treatment for postnatal depression (2014)[Cochrane Library] NEW

Dietary supplements for preventing postnatal depression. (2013) [Cochrane Library]

Methods to identify postnatal depression in primary care: an integrated evidence synthesis and value of information analysis. (2013) [HTA]

Group cognitive behavioural therapy for postnatal depression: a systematic review of clinical effectiveness, costeffectiveness and value of information analyses. (2013) [HTA]

Psychological interventions for postnatal depression: cluster randomised trial and economic evaluation. The PoNDER trial. (2013) [HTA]

A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to compare antidepressants with a community-based psychosocial intervention for the treatment of women with postnatal depression: the RESPOND trial. (2013) [HTA]

The effectiveness of antenatal interventions to prevent postnatal depression in high-risk women. (2012) [DARE]

Hypnosis during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period for preventing postnatal depression. (2012) [Cochrane Library]

Oestrogens and progestins for preventing and treating postpartum depression (2010)[Cochrane Library]

A systematic review of home-based interventions to prevent and treat postpartum depression (2009)[DARE]

Postnatal depression (2009)[Clinical Evidence] subscription required

Clinical Guidelines

Antenatal and postnatal mental health: clinical management and service guidance (2014)[NICE] NEW

Depression - antenatal and postnatal (2013)[CKS]

Recent articles in core journals

Depression drug treatment outcomes in pregnancy and the postpartum period: a systematic review and meta-analysis (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] NEW

The effect of educational intervention on prevention of postpartum depression: an application of health locus of control (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] NEW

Bipolar disorder, affective psychosis, and schizophrenia in pregnancy and the post-partum period (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] NEW

Pharmacologic treatment for postpartum depression: a systematic review. (2010)[EvidenceUpdates]

Prenatal and postpartum depression in fathers and its association with maternal depression: a meta-analysis. (2010)[JAMA]

Accuracy of depression screening tools for identifying postpartum depression among urban mothers. (2010)[EvidenceUpdates]

Screening for postnatal depression in primary care: cost effectiveness analysis. (2009)[BMJ]

The effectiveness of exercise in the management of post-natal depression: systematic review and meta-analysis. (2009)[EvidenceUpdates]

Postpartum depression screening at well-child visits: validity of a 2-question screen and the PHQ-9. (2009)[EvidenceUpdates]

Effect of peer support on prevention of postnatal depression among high risk women: multisite randomised controlled trial. (2009)[BMJ]


Postpartum Depression (2014)[eMedicine] updated

Postnatal Depression (2012)[Mentor]

postnatal depression and lactation (2012)[GPnotebook]

Clinical Queries

Does progesterone or progestogen supplementation prevent postnatal depression? (2014)[UKMI] NEW

What is the evidence for the use of psychotherapeutics for women with postpartum depression? (2008)[TRIPAnswers]

Is there a role for progestagen pessaries in the postnatal period to prevent postnatal depression? (2008)[TRIPAnswers]

Patient Information

Postnatal depression(2014)[BUPA] updated

Postnatal depression (2014)[RCOG] updated

Postnatal depression (2013)[NHS Choices]


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