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Parkinson's disease

Evidence Based Reports

Physiotherapy for Parkinson’s disease: a comparison of techniques (2014)[Cochrane Library] NEW

Creatine for Parkinson’s disease (2014)[Cochrane Library] NEW

Specialist rehabilitation for people with Parkinson s disease in the community: a randomised controlled trial (2014)[NIHR HTA] NEW

Pimavanserin tartrate for psychosis associated with Parkinson’s disease - first line (2014)[HTA Database] NEW

Physiotherapy versus placebo or no intervention in Parkinson’s disease (2013) [Cochrane Library]

Cost-effectiveness of rasagiline compared with first-line early Parkinson disease therapies. (2013) [NHS EED]

Speech and language therapy versus placebo or no intervention for speech problems in Parkinson’s disease. (2012) [Cochrane Library]

Physiotherapy versus placebo or no intervention in Parkinson’s disease. (2012) [Cochrane Library]

Comparison of speech and language therapy techniques for speech problems in Parkinson’s disease. (2012) [Cochrane Library]

Anti-hypertensive drugs as disease-modifying agents for Parkinson’s disease: evidence from observational studies and clinical trials (2011)[Cochrane Library]

Helicobacter pylori eradication for Parkinson's disease (2011)[Cochrane Library]

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as disease-modifying agents for Parkinson's disease: evidence from observational studies (2011)[Cochrane Library]

Treadmill training for patients with Parkinson’s disease (2010)[Cochrane Library]

Dopamine agonists in the treatment of early Parkinson's disease: a meta-analysis (2010)[DARE]

Anti-inflammatory drugs and risk of Parkinson disease: a meta-analysis (2010) [DARE]

Monoamine oxidase B inhibitors versus other dopaminergic agents in early Parkinson's disease (2009)[Cochrane Library]

Dopamine agonist therapy in early Parkinson's disease (2008)[Cochrane Library]

Parkinson's disease (2007)[Clinical Evidence] subcription required

Clinical Guidelines

Parkinson's disease (2014)[CKS] updated

Diagnosis and pharmacological management of Parkinson’s disease (2010)[SIGN]

Parkinson's disease: diagnosis and management in primary and secondary care (2007) [NICE]

Recent articles in core journals

Pharmacological treatment of Parkinson disease: a review (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] NEW

Cholinesterase inhibitors for Parkinson's disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] NEW

Long-term effectiveness of dopamine agonists and monoamine oxidase B inhibitors compared with levodopa as initial treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD MED): a large, open-label, pragmatic randomised trial (2014)[Lancet] NEW

Pimavanserin for patients with Parkinson's disease psychosis: a randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial (2014)[Lancet] NEW

Improving functional disability and cognition in Parkinson disease: randomized controlled trial (2014)[EvidenceUpdates] Randomized trial of cognitive speed of processing training in Parkinson disease. (2013) [EvidenceUpdates]

The CamPaIGN study of Parkinson's disease: 10-year outlook in an incident population-based cohort. (2013) [EvidenceUpdates]

Supplementary motor area stimulation for Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled study. (2013) [EvidenceUpdates]

Promotion of physical activity and fitness in sedentary patients with Parkinson's disease: randomised controlled trial. (2013) [BMJ]

Caffeine for treatment of Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled trial. (2013) [EvidenceUpdates]

Extended-release pramipexole in early Parkinson disease: a 33-week randomized controlled trial. (2011)[EvidenceUpdates]

Rehabilitation with mental practice has similar effects on mobility as rehabilitation with relaxation in people with Parkinson's disease: a multicentre randomised trial (2011)[EvidenceUpdates]

Effects of whole-body vibration on sensorimotor performance in people with Parkinson disease: a systematic review (2011)[EvidenceUpdates]

Intermittent theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment of Parkinson disease (2011)[EvidenceUpdates]

Imputation of sequence variants for identification of genetic risks for Parkinson's disease: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies (2011)[Lancet]

Transcranial direct current stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson`s disease (2010)[Evidenceupdates]

Pramipexole for the treatment of depressive symptoms in patients with Parkinson`s disease: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (2010)[Lancet]

Bilateral deep brain stimulation vs best medical therapy for patients with advanced Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled trial (2009) [JAMA]


Stereotactic Surgery in Parkinson Disease. (2014) [eMedicine] updated

Parkinson's disease (2014) [eMedicine] updated

Parkinsonism and Parkinson's Disease (2013)[Mentor]

Clinical Queries

A patient with Parkinsons on stalevo and ropinarole was given viagra for ED and felt it worsened his Parkinsons. Is this likely and is there evidence of a possible mechanism-eg drug interaction? (2010)[ATTRACT]

Is there evidence to support the use of nicotine patches for Parkinsons patients? (2008)[TRIPAnswers]

What is the evidence for statins causing Parkinsons disease? (2007)[TRIP answers]

I have a female patient both of whose parents have developed Parkinson's Disease in their 60's. What is the likelihood of her or her children developing parkinson's. Is there a genetic component? (2006) [TRIP answers]

I have a patient with early parkinsons disease and debilitating sialorrhoea. What is the best treatment for him? (2006)[TRIP answers]

Patient Information

Parkinson's Disease (2013)[PatientUK]

Parkinson's disease (2013)[BUPA]

Parkinson's disease (2013)[NHS Choices]


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